Wah-Wah (Maui x Walter)




Two of our favourite and best selling strains come together in the beautiful hybrid, combining the fruity and tangy flavours of the Maui with the light creaminess of the Walter.  Both parents have incredible bud structure and flavour, so it really was no surprise that they would produce such amazing offspring.  A rare offering you won’t find anywhere else, these sativa dominant flowers are a premium creation from our own grow room, a mating of our top shelf Walter female with a strong and vigorous Maui male.  The results are a balanced mix of both strains, with uniform phenotypes and a strong showing in bud structure, aroma, profile, and the uplifting effects found in both of the parents.  Another example of the amazing varieties our beloved plant can grow into!


**Note: this batch has some seeds, expect up to 3-4 seeds per large bud.**

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1g, 3.5, 7g, 14g, 28g


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