Orinoco (OR-1) 1.5:1 CBD




Orinoco (Medical Marijuana Genetics) is an award winning CBD strain with a CBD:THC ratio of 1.5:1.  (CBD averages around 14%, THC around 9%).  Named after the powerful Amazonian river, Orinoco is a sativa-dominant cross between Mango Cheese and Candida (CD-1).  With delicious sweet and fruity flavour, and potent medicinal effects, this unique strain is at the cutting edge of cannabinoid genetics.  It’s moderate levels of THC make it a very versatile strain, appealing especially to those who enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis along with the health benefits of CBD.  THC and CBD are known to synergize to enhance the health and pain relieving benefits of both.  This strain won 1st place for best CBD Strain at the Spannabis Champions Cup, 2017.

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