Mongo (Maui x Congo)




Mongo is a cross from our own garden between a gorgeous Congo female and a Maui male.  The Congo tends to grow classic sativa, with long swooping branches and buds forming into long magenta colas all up the branch.  The buds tend to be on the fluffy side though, so we thought we’d try to add the denser Maui genetics to the mix to see what would happen.  The hope was that we would get some nice heavy Maui buds arranged in the super long cola style of the Congo.  The results were mixed, as you might expect, but we were happy with our first try.  Some looked more like Maui, some like Congo, and we did have a few that formed as we were hoping, with nice dense buds formed along long colas.  The flowers from this batch are mixed in form in a spectrum from Congo to Maui, so you can sample the various phenotypes that this cross produced.  Very fragrant, fruity and lemony, and an uplifting  effect make this a fine sativa selection.


**Note: this batch has some seeds, expect 3-4 seeds per large flower**

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