Full Spectrum CBD Oil (with THC-8)



This high quality CBD oil contains 1250 mg of organic full spectrum CBD distillate per bottle in pure MCT coconut oil.  Each dropper (1 mL) contains approximately 22.5 mg of CBD, 2.8 mg THC-9, and 3.14 mg THC-8.  Recommended starting does is a half dropper (0.5 mL).  This tincture contains a small amount of THC-9 and is therefore mildly psychoactive.

CBD is known to have anti­‐inflammatory, anti­‐convulsant, anti­‐psychotic, anti-­oxidant, analgesic and neuroprotective properties.  It is commonly used and prescribed for anxiety, pain relief, insomnia, and depression, and holds promise for many other physical and psychological ailments.

While THC-9 is the cannabinoid that gets you high, THC-8 is a close relative that is mildly stimulating, but without unwanted side effects such as anxiety or paranoia that affect some users.  It is considered more a clear-headed and body high than THC-9, while still carrying many or all of the therapeutic effects of THC-9.

This is a rare and special product, with a full suite of cannabinoids, as well as terpenes and other constituents found in full spectrum extracts.


Directions for Use:

Fill dropper and place desired amount under tongue for 30-60 seconds, then swallow.


Ingredients Per Bottle:

1,250 mg CBD Distillate, MCT coconut oil


Lab results:

CBD: 54.35%

THC-8: 7.55%

THC-9: 6.64%

CBG: 0.75%

CBN: 1.41%

CBC: 0.15%

CBGA: 1.02%

CBDA: 0.07%

THCA: 0.25%




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