About Us

At Gaia’s Garden, we know Cannabis to be a very potent healing, recreational, and spiritual herb with an exceptionally long history of use.  Millions of people have benefited from this wondrous plant, and new discoveries in science are showing just how powerful it can be in helping alleviate so many different ailments.  We believe that it is everyone’s right to use this medicine in a safe, responsible, healthy way, and our mission is to provide high quality and clean medicine for those whom it helps.

Gaia’s Garden Medicinal is a truly “Farm to Table” model, so we know exactly what is in our products, and what will be delivered to you.  We are committed to high standards of environmental and ethical values, and use only “Veganic”  fertilizer sources (organic and mineral materials without the use of animal products) and natural pest controls, so you can be assured that the medicine you receive is clean and free from contaminants.   Each batch is hand washed to clean away any potential dust or other contaminants to ensure only the cleanest products reach our customers.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about our growing methods.

We are small-scale gardeners, so a high attention to detail and the health of our plants is possible.  All work is done in a licensed facility in BC, with five years experience growing under medical license regulations, and lifelong interest in cannabis, healing plants, and organic gardening.